Xerox XM3-19W driver download using Windows 7/8 will cause problems

If you try to find drivers for the display Xerox XM3-19W for Windows 7 or Windows 8 using google (I searched “xerox xm3-19w driver”) you mostly will find adware and spyware from different sources. None of the sites I found had something useful to offer. Xerox does not provide any drivers as well.

I have another solution for you that will work if you use a Nvidia graphic card. I think system tools of other graphic card providers can help as well, but I tested it only with the nvidia system control center.

You can use the display with current Windows versions following the steps below. Unfortunatley the software uses german language and I could find no option to set english as default. I think you will nevertheless find the options in your own language.

1. Open the nvidia system control center using the taskbar symbol:


2. Select the task “Change resolution” in the task list on the left. The display Xerox XM3-19W will be shown as “analog display device”. None of the resolutions fits to the standard resolution of the display. You have to create your own settings. To do that click on the button “Modify” below the resolutions list.


3. The new dialog makes it possible to create a “user definded resoultion”. Create one by clicking on the button.


4. I tried different settings. The only that worked is shown below. The resolution is set to 1440×900 and the timing option “CVT – reduced blanking” has to be used. Test the settings using the button “Test”.


The display now should work as expected if you select this user defined resolution for the display. As you can see a Xerox XM3-19W driver download is not necessary.

Kind regards