Invert two finger scrolling using Windows

Picture of a MacBook Pro. Invert two finger scrolling let Windows work like Mac OS X.

If you use Windows and Mac OS X on laptops you will know the feeling… When having worked some time on your Mac and then use the Windows machine it can drive you mad that the touchpad in Windows works differently than on your Mac.

The Windows philosophy is that the two finger gesture moves the scroll bars, so if you move your finger down the page scrolls down, too. On a Mac (or on touch devices) you move your fingers to move the content of the page, not the scrollbars. This is kind of intuitive, if you are used to it.

I cannot say which way is “better”, but I would like to use only one way on every computer. Because I spend more time using my Mac’s touchpad I decided to change my Bootcamp Windows behavior and invert two finger scrolling.

If you are interested too, you can find the best tip that I found here:

The title of this post is brilliant, and what they suggest to invert two finger scrolling works just fine!

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