KeepassX 2.0-alpha4 with new fonts for PasswordFields


KeepassX for Mac OS X has only been published in its alpha version 2.0-alpha4. For its main purpose the tool absolutely suffices. Only one little thing nerves quite much. There are some password fields that do not let you paste passwords from your clipboard. Normally you can use autotype for them, but this feature has not been released for Mac OS X yet.

So there is only one last option: Typewriting the password by making it visible in KeepassX 2.0. Now but here is the catch: KeepassX uses the font “Lucida Grande UI” for its fields, which is a beautiful font but has one main disantvantage. There is simply no way to distinguish between capital i and lower case L.

So… one afternoon I spent some time on changing the font of the password fields to Courier New. If you are interested you can download this version here:

This version has been compiled for 64 bit Mac OS X architecture. If this does not fit your needs you can check out this version from my GitHub repository and compile it yourself:

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